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1. Are you currently located in the United States?


Immigrants who are physically present in the U.S. may qualify for adjustment of status.

Immigrants outside of the U.S. may apply for visas that will allow for entry to the United States.

2. Have you ever been deported or denied entry to the United States?


While you may still have options for immigration, you may need to take steps to address inadmissibility. Please contact us to discuss these issues and determine how to proceed.

3. Have you lost your immigration status in the United States?


If you have violated U.S. immigration laws by staying in the country after the expiration of a temporary visa, or if you have lost your legal immigration status for any reason, you may need to take steps to defend against deportation. If you are removed from the country, you may not be allowed to re-enter the United States. In these situations, additional steps may need to be taken when applying for a visa, Green Card, or citizenship. Please contact us for more information.

4. Have you been convicted of any crimes?


Certain types of criminal convictions, including aggravated felonies and "crimes involving moral turpitude," will cause you to be inadmissible to the United States. In some cases, waivers of inadmissibility may be available, and you may still be able to apply for a visa or Green Card. Please contact us to discuss these issues.

5. Do you have a family member in the United States who can sponsor you for immigration?


Depending on your relationship with your family member and their status as a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, you may qualify for a spousal visa, a fiancé visa, or another type of family visa. To learn how we can assist with applications for visas, Green Cards, or citizenship, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Unfortunately, you may be unable to apply for a visa or Green Card without sponsorship from a family member. However, other methods of immigration may be available in certain situations. Please contact us if you have questions about the options that may be available to you.

Get Legal Help with Green Card Application Process

For people who are planning to immigrate to the United States, people currently living in the U.S. who wish to sponsor loved ones for immigration, and immigrants already in the United States who want to live in the country permanently, it is important to understand the steps that must be taken to receive a Green Card. By attaining the status of a lawful permanent resident, a person can live in the U.S. indefinitely, travel internationally, work for employers, and sponsor other family members for immigration. They can also begin to take steps to achieve U.S. citizenship.

The immigration process can be complex, but Immigrate Lawyer is here to help. Our attorneys work with individuals and families to ensure that they complete all of their legal requirements when applying for immigration visas and Green Cards. We can assist with compiling the required documentation, submitting application forms and other paperwork, and addressing any concerns that a person may encounter that would affect their ability to enter the United States, receive authorization to work, or attain the status of a lawful permanent resident. Our goal is to make the process as easy and efficient as possible for both immigrants and sponsors.

Immigrant Visas and Green Cards

Most of the time, when a person applies for an immigrant visa, they may apply for a Green Card at the same time. Eligibility for a Green Card will depend on whether a person is applying for a family-based visa, an employment-based visa, or another type of immigrant visa. Generally, immigrants who qualify for Immediate Relative or Family Preference visas can apply for Green Cards at the same time as they submit their visa applications. Immigrants who are seeking to enter the United States may use consular processing as they apply for visas, receive authorization to immigrate to the U.S., and attain lawful permanent resident status.

Adjustment of Status

Immigrants who are already living in the U.S. and meet the requirements to become lawful permanent residents may apply for a Green Card through adjustment of status. This process may be used if a person's eligibility for a Green Card has changed, such as if a person who had a temporary visa has gotten married to a U.S. citizen. A person may also receive an adjustment of status if they have received an immigrant visa, including in cases where family members have been approved for Family Preference visas. Generally, adjustment of status is available if a person is currently in the U.S., is immediately eligible to receive an immigrant visa, and does not have any issues related to inadmissibility. Those who are not admissible or who have bars to adjustment of status may be eligible for waivers of inadmissibility in certain situations.

Removal of Conditions

In some cases, immigrants may receive conditional Green Cards that will expire after a certain time period. For example, if a person receives a spouse visa within two years after getting married to a U.S. citizen, they will receive a conditional Green Card, which will usually provide them with lawful permanent resident status for two years. If an immigrant does not take the proper steps before the expiration of a conditional Green Card, they will lose their lawful permanent resident status, and they may become eligible for deportation.

To receive a permanent Green Card, a person will need to file a petition to remove the conditions on permanent residence, and this petition can be submitted within 90 days before the expiration date of their conditional Green Card. When applying to remove the conditions on a Green Card, a person will usually need to show that they are still eligible to be a lawful permanent resident. This may include providing evidence that they entered into a marriage with a U.S. citizen in good faith, and if their marriage ended prior to their application for a permanent Green Card, they may also need to include documentation such as a divorce decree or death certificate.

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If you are an immigrant who is seeking to live in the United States, a person currently in the United States who wishes to receive an adjustment of status, a family member who is planning to sponsor a loved one for immigration, or a person who needs to remove the conditions on a temporary Green Card, Immigrate Lawyer can provide you with invaluable legal help. We will offer effective guidance during the Green Card application process, and we will help you address any concerns you may encounter along the way. Please fill out the form below or call 844-464-4727 to contact us and get legal help with the immigration issues you are facing.

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